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by tiendacharra

Charra ducktail mount mesquite shaft

$ 11,800.00
Select shaft type

Beautiful ducktail charro chair, removable canteens, leather seat, leather trim, fine calfskin
Includes halter equipment, breastplate, and runners for spurs.
Upon request, any size of shaft or color can be made (from 2 to 3 weeks)
Shaft of willow and special mesquite for lassoing, bell in one piece, that is, from below the shoulders to the head, one whole piece.

The option for the chair with normal shaft is added in order to select the price of the chair.

Direct deposit in banamex or oxxo we apply a discount, online card payment same price, monthly payment without interest a little more.
Contact us:
Cell phone and whatsapp: 4423659256
Outside Mexico: +521 4423659256

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